As Israel's largest private wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) company, Electra Greentech goes beyond the skillful operation of sewage handling to create long-term, innovative solutions for critical system management. We are responsible for the continuous and efficient operation of approximately fifteen municipal WWTPs throughout Israel. These advanced facilities bring together cutting-edge electromechanical systems and microbiological technology to quickly and effectively reclaim wastewater, so it can be reused for agriculture, environmental use, and municipal purposes.

We view all of our customers as strategic partners. By closely collaborating, we ensure consistent, reliable, cost-effective operation based on in-depth knowledge of each individual plant's needs. Our accessibility and transparent communication with customers achieves first-class results, including consistent, long-term operational efficiency.


For some twenty years, Electra Greentech has been leading the way as the most sophisticated professionals in the municipal wastewater removal and treatment industry. Our vast experience and technological know-how enable us to provide solutions for municipalities and water authorities around Israel.

The Electra Greentech team includes engineers from a variety of fields, such as environmental, mechanical, industrial, and process engineers, all working together to create all-inclusive solutions for our customers.  Constant innovation is the key. Along with outstanding professionalism and service, our top-notch team and quality-control methods have led directly to our reputation for excellence. At Electra Greentech, we believe that this combination of transparency, service, and technological pioneering is what will allow us to manage critical systems while building a cleaner, greener future.