Energy efficiency with biogas power plants

Energy efficiency with biogas power plants

Electra Greentech offers a comprehensive solution and application for biogas and natural gas.

Supply and installation power plant which combine heat and electrical ( CHP )

Electra Greentech has a  lot of experience  at CHP system from the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) stage, and long-term operation and maintenance (O&M).

Electra Greentech has a lot of experience in O&M in waste water treatment plants (WWTP),

 Electra Greentech has developed a new process of biogas production through anaerobic digestors. This new process will enable companies to increase significantly the biogas production  in existing plants and new plant.

Electra Greentech is part of Electra Group, that is renowned for development, design, construction, operation and maintenance of a wide range of projects since 1945, including CHP facilities (power plants that produce electricity and heat using biogas or natural gas).

The Electra Group, with its 10,000 professional employees, has undertaken hundreds of projects in 17 countries across 4 continents. The company's financial stability, integrity, reliability, and professional management give its customers peace of mind, knowing that they have a single point of contact for all their needs. The Electra Group's matrix management structure and the synergy between all the company's areas of operation ensure optimal results for every challenge.

Electra Greentech designs, constructs, operates, and maintain biogas power plants that minimize the electricity costs by generating electricity from gas and utilizing the heat generated by the power plant for the process.

Electra Greentech designs power plants putting the customer requested in top priority!

We design power plants adapted to the existing facility, to enable optimal electricity production and maximum cost savings.

Our solution:

A. Design:

  • Determine techno-economic feasibility of power plant
  • Multi-disciplinary engineering by a team of process engineers, civil engineers, mechanical and electrical engineers.
  • Design power plant infrastructures for new and existing facilities, while maintaining ongoing processes
  • Operational optimization – a unique, energy-saving control system

B. Procurement:

  • Procurement from leading global engine manufacturers

C. Construction:

  • A reliable team, highly experienced in building natural gas and biogas plants

D. Operation and maintenance (O&M):

  • Our efficient operations team is experienced in the unique maintenance requirements of power plants. We incorporate cutting-edge methods to operate various types of plants, including biogas plants, natural gas power plants and facilities.



Contact the experts:

Manger of natural gas infrastructure and energy production: Ezra Davidi- Senior Engineer

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Process expert: 

Payam Nissani, Process Engineer, Center Cluster Manager, Electra Greentech

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